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You might also like to read the following recommendations of my work:

“Andrew, as Legal and Policy Advisor, was very helpful and his input was utilised in forging the proposed international strategy and providing direction and clarity.” Gloria Greywoode, MW15 Ltd, Managing Director

“Andrew proved to be a diligent dynamic International Director. He picked up new skills quickly and was not daunted by several challenges. I do not hesitate to recommend him unreservedly.” David Foster, Partner, Barlow Robbins LLP

Andrew was instrumental in making sure that the international work of the LCF was maintained during an interregnum between Directors. We were very grateful for all that he did during this time and for his passion for the work.” Mark Barrell, Executive Director, Lawyers Christian Fellowship

Andrew was immensely productive during his period working with me for CLEAR International. He was quick to grasp a situation and a very positive energy in the workplace often anticipating needs or problems and providing possible solutions. He not only cared about the work but also the people for whom we were working and those he worked alongside. He is full of integrity, a hard worker and a joy to work with.” Christine John, International Director, CLEAR International

Andrew was a valued member of the litigation team. In particular, during his time with the firm he played an important role in an unusual Inquiry and also spent a spell on secondment at a major client, playing a part in cementing relationships.” R Craig Connal QC, Partner, McGrigors LLP

Andrew trained with us as a solicitor and was one of the best trainees in our firm in recent times. He was always personable, diligent and capable. No task was beyond him. He would be an excellent addition to any organisation and I would be happy to provide a more detailed endorsement on request.” Bruce Goodbrand, Partner, Simpson & Marwick

Andrew was an imaginative, serious student. His essays were brilliant and thoughtful.” Zenon Bańkowski, Professor, University of Edinburgh

“I had the pleasure of teaching Andrew at Edinburgh University. Intellectually very powerful and one of the best students I ever taught.” Douglas Brodie, Professor, Edinburgh University


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