Welcome to my site!

My name is Andrew MacKay.

I am currently working as a Legal and Policy Advisor to Ascension Trust, a Christian inter-denominational charity with a passion to empower individuals to work together within their local community and nation, to contribute positively to society and to improve the quality of life of the disadvantaged and vulnerable.

I am a charity general counsel with first class academics and quality experience of not-for-profit management, strategy and charity law, advising respected charities in professional and personal capcities. I have a strong background in providing complex legal advice to clients across the UK.

I currently advise nearly 300 charities worldwide, on legal, policy, HR, governance, strategy and management matters. I am heading a strategic review, including questions of management, development, international growth, service delivery and partner relationships.  I work assist with the management and governance of Ascension Trust and am heavily involved in our role as an umbrella charity, in which we provide advice and representation to charities and initiatives including Urban Mission, Street Pastors, School Pastors, Prayer Pastors, Word 4 Weapons, Gift My Time, and others: www.ascensiontrust.org.uk.

I am Chair of Philemon UK, which supports the work of Philemon in Kenya, a holistic Christian charity which seeks to demonstrate the love of God to prisoners and former prisoners, by meeting their physical, emotional, relational and spiritual needs. I provide leadership, strategy and governance to Philemon UK and support to the Philemon Kenya board, staff and volunteers: www.philemon.org.

I am a Trustee and an Executive Committee Member of St Gabriels Cricklewood, a vibrant, contemporary Church of England situated in the heart of north west London.

I have previously been Acting International Director of LCF, managing a charitable project providing legal education, aid and research in East Africa. I was involved in overseeing a network of international offices, strategic planning and development, growth of donor and funding streams, communications and compliance: www.clearinternational.org.

This site is an opportunity for me to share some of my thoughts and expereinces of charity management with a wider audience. I am happy to assist informally with any questions or queries, and can be contacted at: bettercharityblog[at]gmail.com.


One thought on “Welcome to my site!

  1. Margaret Gunnell says:

    What a great website. Please keep in touch. Blessings

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